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September Newsletter

Posted by Anna A Rodriguez on October 22, 2012 at 7:15 PM

Good day to the fine members of the Milwaukee Steampunk Society!

Firstly, we’d like to thank you for signing up for our monthly newsletter. Here you will read about upcoming events before they are posted online, read about members of interest, and hear about past events you may have missed! There’s a lot going on in steampunk Milwaukee and we feel it’s important to keep everyone informed.

Upcoming Events:

Deadman’s Carnival First Friday Freak Show at Miramar Theater

September 7, 2012


If you have not yet witnessed a Deadman’s Carnival show, make this Saturday the first. This variety show is the largest and wildest in the Midwest and considered one of Milwaukee’s best hidden treasures. Each month, new entertainers perform so each and every show is fresh and new! Check out this event’s Facebook page for more details.

Steampunk Garb and Prop Day at Lytheria

September 8th, 2012


The fine dwellers of Lytheria host a maker’s day where you can share their tools, know-how, and ideas with other steampunkers. If you find yourself at a loss for ideas for gadgets or other aesthetics to add to your “steamsona”, this is a great place to ask questions about design and creation. This event takes place every second Saturday of the month, from 11:30 to 5pm. The address is 2705 N. Shepard Ave. N, Milwaukee WI, near the UW-Milwaukee campus.

Milwaukee Steampunk Society Meeting at Scottish Masonic Rites Center

September 12, 2012


This monthly meeting is meant for members of our community to hang out and meet new people, as well as gain personal connections to aid projects and businesses. There will be table games, drinks, and food. Everyone is encouraged to dress up but if you do not want to, steampunk dress is not required! For more info, check out the Facebook event page.

Milwaukee Steampunk Book Club, location not yet determined

September 22, 2012


MSS member Boone Dryden will be hosting a steampunk book club. The first book will be “Infernal Devices” by K. W. Jeter, credited for coining the term “steampunk.” Because of the intended intimate discussion, we would like to allow only 10-15 members. If you would like to sign up, contact Mr. Dryden at [email protected] .

Steampunk Invasion: Doors Open MKE

September 23, 2012


Over a hundred historic sites, both architecturally beautiful and full of Milwaukee history, will be open to the public. There will be seven locations steampunks will invade, three on Prospect Avenue, three locations on the east end of downtown, and the final place is located near MSOE and offers drinks and food. For details on these locations, stay tuned for the Facebook event post.

SteamDRUNK Pub Craw, Drink to Nikola Tesla!l

October 20th, 2012

6PM - 11PM

Cover charge: $10

The Milwaukee Steampunk Society is proud to announce their first pub crawl! Five locations in the Fifth Ward have been chosen, which will be announced at a later date. All of the proceeds will go directly to a wild Milwaukee Steampunk Society hotel room party for Teslacon III on that Friday, November 30th. Details will be updated to all MSS social networks to keep members informed.

Steampunk of the Month: Bridget Sharon, founder of the Milwaukee Steampunk Society

As we all may know, Bridget Sharon, founder of Milwaukee Steampunk Society, will be leaving for a year (maybe shorter, perhaps longer) to travel with her new job. In light of this, the MSS newsletter will feature a question and answer session with it’s leader to discuss the steampunk community in Milwaukee. Since the MSS was formed, she has put much of her personal time into building this community to grow together, and if you haven’t already thanked her for it, this may be the right time. While traveling the country, one of Bridget’s goals is to put Milwaukee on the map as a formidable steampunk community. Upon her return, every member of our community can be sure that more exciting ideas and events will come from experiences gained through her travels.


Q: What and when was the moment you decided a formal Milwaukee steampunk group should be formed?

Bridget Sharon: It's hard to say if there was a specific moment that I thought it needed to be formed. I just know so many awesome steampunkers from Milwaukee, but there weren't too many organized events at the time, and I thought we needed a stronger, more familiar community. I can say however, that I volunteered for the job of creating the mss at chuck and Julianne's winter solstice party at the end of last year.

Q: Why is it so important to have an organized Milwaukee group?

Bridget Sharon: I think it's important to have the organized group to keep the community from going stagnant. The benefits of having us all together is what really makes this worthwhile. Things as simple as finding new friendships to net-working to helping steampunk as advance as a whole all come from being a part of a common group.

Q: What does "steampunk" mean to you?

Bridget Sharon: Steampunk to me is a lot of things. It can be an art form or way to express yourself. It can just be another excuse to dress up. For me steaming started out as a fashion, but the more involved I became, I discovered the community and culture aspects of it.

Q: Has organizing a group changed your views on this subculture?

Bridget Sharon: Well, it's definitely changed my views, that's for sure. When I started getting into steampunk, it was more or less just fun costume parties for me. Now I see it as more of a job and lifestyle. I call myself a steampunker not because I dress up or because of how much I like the aesthetic, I call myself that because I can’t ever see myself not being involved in the subculture.

Q: Do you have any plans for the MSS when you return?

Bridget Sharon: It's hard to have plans for the future when I wasn't expecting to have to stop now. I was honestly starting to struggle throughout the summer with the venue troubles and the pressure to keep the society going. With Anna, Shawn, and Tim's help, we were able to get backbone track and even take several leaps in events planned for the future. I'm excited to see everything they're going to accomplish while I'm gone, and I look forward to working with then again when I get back.

Q: Why should new members of the steampunk community join the MSS?

Bridget Sharon: I think everyone should join. Its just a lot of fun. I have friends that aren’t even that interested in steampunk that enjoy coming to our meetings just to hang out with people. For steampunk though, or anyone just interested in the subculture, it's a great way to discover new events, discuss costume ideas, or just generally spend time with people who have similar interests.

Thank you for subscribing to the Milwaukee Steampunk Society newsletter!



Bridget Sharon, Tim Murphy, Shawn Kerr, and Anna Rodriguez

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