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The Milwaukee Steampunk Society December Salon

Posted by Bridget Sharon on December 18, 2013 at 6:20 PM Comments comments (9)

Hello Steampunks!


One week ago we had our December Salon. Filled with Holiday cheer and exciting announcements, the night was highlighted with our annual gift exchange and even a visit from the Steampunk Santa Claus!


To recap a few of the things we talked about, I can list here some of the upcoming events that were announced. You can find more information about these events on our calender or through our facebook group.




December 18th - Rouge! Chicago's Electro Swing Night. Begins Located atFizz in Chicago. 9pm


December 21st - The grand opening of Kepis & Dream Catchers, LLC's new location! 10am-6pm


Embellishment's Open House! Located in the Grand Avenue Mall 12pm-7pm


January 17th - The Prohibition Pub Crawl. In collaboration with Diesel Punk Midwest


March 8th - Steampunk Scavenger Hunt at the Milwaukee Public Museum


April 5th - Concinnity/Kappa Kon Sci-Fi, Steampunk, Gaming convention at the Milwaukee School of Engineering.




For more updates on events, check our calender or follow along with our facebook group.




Opportunities to participate:


The Milwaukee Steampunk Society will be a part in creating another Living Dungeon, like the ones you may have seen or participated in at Concinnty or at TeslaCon. If you haven't heard of a Living Dungeon, it is an interactive role-playing experience. You and a group of friends plays through a set of challenges in order to reach a certain goal, usually to defeat a dangerous villan. A great opportunity for anyone with a Steampunk persona, or any fan of rpgs. Well you can be a part of it! Currently there is a smally group of us writing out the script and challenges that will take place for the Living Dungeon at Concinnity 2014. If this sounds like something you might be interested in, feel free to contact Bridget Sharon through [email protected] and we can discuss the various ways you can participate. We are looking for anyone interested in helping. Especially if you want to be an actor in the game! This requires no previous acting experience, and it will not prevent you from enjoying the rest of the convention.


Also, Concinnity is currently taking vendor and panalist applications! For more information, check out Concinnity's website or facebook page:



January Newsletter

Posted by Anna A Rodriguez on January 3, 2013 at 6:35 PM Comments comments (0)

Dearest Milwaukee Steampunks,

We hope everyone had safe and enjoyable holidays, as well as a great

start to the new year. The Milwaukee Steampunk Society has a lot of

new and exciting opportunities for members to become more involved in

the local steampunk community. Also, we’d love to encourage more

feedback on how we can serve your needs and concerns. In addition, the

MSS would like to be present at local conventions of all types. If

you’re interested in joining us to represent the steampunk community,

please let us know! You can contact us at [email protected]

for more information.


Milwaukee Steampunk Society Monthly Meeting

Humphrey Scottish Rite Center

Wednesday, January 9th




This is our monthly meeting where you can make connections,

collaborate on projects, and meet our finest and most involved

members. With this meeting specifically, we will be talking about the

higher involvement of current members. If you have a specific skill

set or idea you would like to promote to others, this is the time to

do so! Our community is growing so fast and we need your help. This is

also a meeting where we’d like to commit to “in character” sessions

with members who are looking to develop or utilize your personas. If

you’re uneasy about this, no problem! We understand that it’s a

learning process and we encourage you to join in when comfortable.

As always, food and beverages are available through the Scottish Rite

Center. Please remember to sign in the guest book, as we feel

committed members should be commended.


Steampunk Book Club: Steampunk Short Stories

Brocach Irish Pub

Saturday, January 12th



For the month of January, we will be discussing several short stories

from the "Steampunk" anthology edited by Jeff & Ann VanderMeer. For

the details on which stories we will be reading, visit the Facebook

event page at

This event is hosted by J. Boone Dryden of the Milwaukee Writer’s



January Gallery Night and Reception with Timothy Westbrook

The Pfister Hotel

Friday, January 18th



This will be Timothy Westbrook’s fourth and final gallery night as

the Pfister Hotel’s Artist in Residence. His work as a fashion

designer is heavily influenced by Victorian fashion, and his fusion of

using recycled materials such as cassette tape and found items places

his comfortably in the steampunk genre. His work as a promoter of the

Steampunk Maker’s Fair also places him as an influential friend and

pivotal ally to our Society. Join us to support our wise yet bubbly


If you are unfamiliar with Timothy Westbrook, his is our featured

Steampunk of the Month in this issue of the newsletter! Read more

about him below!


Steampunk Ice Skating

920 N. Water St. Milwaukee, WI 53202

Saturday, February 2nd


Skate Rental:

18 & Up: $8.00/pair

17 & Under: $7.00/pair


Greetings & Happy Holidays! In lieu of the holiday season it seems

only fitting to enjoy the nice brisk Wisconsin weather with some

steamscapades of the ice skating variety. Come show off your moves in

Steampunk attire but be sure to dress warm! Don't like cold weather,

fear of ice, or just need to warm up? Not a problem. The Warming House

contains a Starbucks with warm beverages, tasty bakery treats, and is

just a few feet from the rink!


Red Arrow Park:




The world knows Timothy for his trade, weaving his fabric and

designing beautiful work influenced by Victorian fashion and

completely original designs using found objects. One such piece is a

beautiful wedding dress with woven fabric that incorporates plastic

bags. In Teslacon III’s fashion show, Timothy presented his green and

black Victorian gown that had cassette tape woven into the fabric. The

idea was derived from his grandfather who’s home was bombarded with

hundreds of cassette tapes due to failing eye sight. These are the

types of inspiration that in which Westbrook appreciates.

To the fashion industry, Timothy Westbrook is a visionary. However

with the Milwaukee Steampunk Society, he learned of our existence and

made it his personal mission to ensure our success. The first

encounter with Westbrook was at an Art Milwaukee event at the Pfister

Hotel. He was so excited to meet a small group of our members and

never let go. After getting to know us, he offered us the Pfister

Hotel as a perfect place to plan the largest and debatably our most

successful event, Steampunk Maker’s Fair. Without his skill with

communicating with the Hotel in such a professional way, we may have

never been able to make the contacts necessary to pull off such an

amazing night.

As the resident artist of the Pfister Hotel, his year-long residency

ends this April. If you would like to meet him, he’s usually slaving

over a loom in his creation space, but you can also e-mail him and

introduce yourself. [email protected]

As an aspiring journalist, it is unethical for a writer to interject

opinion, but I feel it is necessary to add that he has been very

supportive of my personal craft, and there isn’t much I can offer him

other than unadulterated adoration for the man. He is selflessly

inspirational and encourages everyone to follow their dreams.


And without further additions, Happy New Year steampunks!

What's new in November?!

Posted by Bridget Sharon on November 2, 2012 at 4:25 PM Comments comments (0)

Hello everyone! I'd like to give you all an update of all the exciting things taking place in November. Coming up we have all mannor of events and activities!

First off, tonight we have Dead Man's Carnival! Always a riviting displace of the wierd and wonderful. DMC has taken place on the first Friday of every month and has for any of you that have seen it so far, you already know, once you go, you're hooked. So if you've been missing out, well tonight's the night! It is their last show of the season before their beloved New Year's celebration and you do not want to miss this. 7:30pm at the Mirimar Theater only $10 to change your life forever.

The next item I'd like to bring up is that our monthly meeting for November will be on a Thursday as apposed to our usual Wednesday get togethers. Same time, same place, I hope to see you all on November 15th!

Only a few days after that comes a very exciting event: The MSS Maker's Fair! Held at the Pfister Hotel in downtown Milwaukee, we are show casing steampunk Makers from across the Midwest. And having a costume contest! The event is free to attend, but if you would like to volunteer to help us this evening, or to have your very own wares featured in this event, contact us at [email protected] for more information.

And finally. The event that just about everyone in the Steampunk World has had marked off on their calenders for almost a year now: TeslaCon III A Trip to The Moon. This year, the MSS will have a special part in TeslaCon, with a panal, and a chance to be in once of the scenes! If you are interested in being a part of the MSS at TeslaCon, contact us right away! 

Thank you everyone!  -Bridget

October Newsletter

Posted by Anna A Rodriguez on October 22, 2012 at 7:15 PM Comments comments (6)

Hello members of the Milwaukee Steampunk Society! The abundency of

local events happening this month is fantastic! There is absolutely no

excuse for anyone to have a sorry October. Tis the season for costumes

and building and preparing for upcoming event of the year, Teslacon!


The Masque of the Red Death

Carte Blanche Studios

Check Website for Dates



This play, written and directed by Bill Jackson, is an adaptation of

Edgar Allen Poe’s Masque of the Red Death. It is highly appropriate

for Halloween and also has steampunk costuming and aesthetics. Don’t

miss this intimate theater experience!

Dead Man’s Carnival First Friday Freakshow

Miramar Theater, 2844 North Oakland Avenue

Friday, October 5th


$10 Pre-sale

Each month, Dead Man’s Carnival brings new acts from around the

country to titillate and amaze attendees. This variety show is the

largest and wildest in the Midwest and can be considered Milwaukee’s

finest hidden treasure. Live American Roots music performed by Sir

Pinkerton & the Magnificents, juggling, burlesque, fire performance,

human oddities, and other absurdities to be witnessed at Miramar

Theater on Oakland Avenue and Locust Street.

The Milwaukee Steampunk Society Monthly Meeting

Scottish Masonic Rites Center, 790 North Van Buren Street

Wednesday, October 10th


Each month, the MSS has a meeting to make connections with fellow area

steampunks and build relationships through business and friendship.

For this meeting, we hope to encourage the use of steampunk personas,

in preparation for Teslacon. Everyone is encouraged to wear steampunk

outfits and bring their characters to practice on fellow members, but

if you have neither of these things, you’re still welcome to come and

see what the Milwaukee Steampunk Society is all about. Table games,

drinks, and food are available at this venue. In addition to this,

Rasputina will be performing at Shank Hall, which will be a

destination for some around 8:30PM. (details below)


Shank Hall, 1434 North Farwell Avenue

Wednesday, October 10th



This pseudo-steampunk band from the east coast will be returning to

Milwaukee for the third year in a row, bringing a unique electric

cello recital unparalleled by any other musical group. Front-woman

Melora Creager dons Victorian bloomers, corsets, Hawaiian headdresses,

and items of fallen medieval queens while singing of historical and

literary tales. Buying tickets in advance is recommended, as these

shows have been known to sell out.

Steampunk Garb and Prop Building/Sew Steamy

Lytheria, 2705 North Shepard Avenue

Saturday, October 13th


The fine dwellers of Lytheria host a maker’s session where you can

share tools, know-how, and ideas with other steampunks. If you find

yourself at a loss for gadget ideas or other aesthetics to add to your

“steamsona,” this is a great place to ask questions about design and

creation. This event takes place every second Saturday of the month.

Lytheria is located near the UW-Milwaukee campus. In addition to this,

Terresa Roden will be hosting an open sewing weekend (and possibly

into Monday and Tuesday) to prepare for Teslacon.

Milwaukee Steampunk Fall Formal Ball and Time Traveling Circus Show

Hotwater Wherehouse, 818 S. Water Street

Thursday, October 18th


$10 in costume

The Dead Man’s Carnival front man Professor Pinkerton presents “an

incredible evening of extraordinary entertainment from all around the

world... and TIME!” Come dressed in your Steampunk finest and partake

in a monumental occasion. Be prepared for an evening of sword

swallowing, broken glass walking, fire eating, aerial acrobatics,

large scale illusion, and prizes!

SteamDRUNK Pub Crawl

National Avenue

Saturday, October 20th



The Milwaukee Steampunk Society is proud to announce their first pub

crawl! Three locations in the Fifth Ward have been chosen: the Iron

Horse Hotel, Sabbatic, and Club Anything. All proceeds will go

directly to the November 30th Official Milwaukee Steampunk Society

party at Teslacon III! Attendees who pay ahead of time are guaranteed

an embroidered event patch. You can pay Shawn Kerr, Anna Rodriguez, or

Tim Murphy at the official Milwaukee Steampunk Society meeting. If you

have a conflict with this date, we can work something out. A limited

number of patches will be available on a first come, first served


Fall Trunk Show

MOCT, 240 East Pittsburgh Avenue

Sunday, October 21st


Silversark Clothier, Altered History, Suture Couture, MLA Chapeaux,

and The Paradise Rose will be showing and selling their designer

clothing and accessories for Halloween, Steampunk, or Lolita costume

needs. This is a cash-only event, with item prices that range from $2

to $200. Cheesecake and cupcakes will be provided!

88.9 Radio Milwaukee/Made In Milwaukee Halloween Party

Turner Hall Ballroom, 1032 North 4th Street

Saturday, October 27th



Radio Milwaukee and Made in Milwaukee promise this was will be the

best Halloween Party of the year. Michael Jackson Vs. Prince dance

party, Fatty Acids, a fashion show, live art, DJs, and Friction Dance

Company are some of the many acts Turner Hall Ballroom will house the

Saturday before Halloween. Although the event is not exclusively

Steampunk, a few of our members will be volunteering as assistants to

the fall fashion designers for the night’s fashion show. Show your

support by attending this event in your Steampunk garb!


Beats Antique

Turner Hall Ballroom, 1032 North 4th Street

Tuesday, October 30th



The electro-swing sensation, Beats Antique, will be performing in

Milwaukee shortly after their newest album release, Contraption Vol.

2. If you have not yet seen a Beats Antique show, prepare yourself for

heaps of jovial dancing.

Steampunk Book Club

Brocach Irish Pub, 1850 North Water Street

Saturday, November 3rd


The second monthly book club meeting will discuss “The Difference

Engine” by William Gibson and Bruce Sterling. Milwaukee Steampunk

Society member and Director of the Milwaukee Writer’s Workshop, J.

Boone Dryden will head discussion and present questions to further

understanding of each fiction. If you would like to sign up, contact

Mr. Dryden at [email protected] .

Steampunks of the Month: Julianne Hunter and Charles Tritt

It is more than likely that you have met Julianne and Chuck at a

Milwaukee steampunk event, Teslacon, or even their annual Cogs and

Roses parties, held at their beautiful Victorian home in Mequon. Their

unrelenting kindness and eager attitudes towards the steampunk

community made them perfect candidates for a brief biography in the

Milwaukee Steampunk Society newsletter.

Julianne Hunter is from Dayton, Ohio, the birthplace of aviation. She

has degrees in zoology, preventative medicine, and commercial art. A

fine example of her current position as a freelance commerical artist

is the Milwaukee Steampunk Society logo. But for 17 years, she was an

industrial hygienist.

“I’ve been on high steel, spent shifts in foundries, and seen how

appliances and beer cans and prosthetic limbs are made. I’ve gotten to

see what makes things tick. I love the steampunk community itself. In

it I’ve found the good will and well-mannered elegance I’ve longed

for, and it’s not an affectation. It’s a movement. I’d like to think

we’re the forerunners of something exciting and new that’s happening


Julianne is also a long-time science fiction fan, a Middle Eastern

dancer, and a rockabilly gal. She can be found haunting thrift stores,

flea markets, and eBay.

Chuck Tritt, her partner in crime, says that his first exposure to

steampunk is much like anyone else’s, through the love of H.G. Wells,

Jules Verne, and Wild Wild West reruns. This subculture also coincides

with his love of history and technology.

“[Steampunk] jives with my background in Chemical Engineering (2 of

my college degrees are in Chemical Engineering). At least back when I

studied Chemical Engineering, it was about all things steam (steam

engines, boilers, steam heated driers, triple effect evaporators,

steam jet vacuum coolers, distillation columns, etc.).”

Chuck is the biomedical engineer and the director of the biomedical

engineering program at MSOE. He and Julianne have traveled all over

the world, together and separately. Chuck’s most recent trip was to


“I think steampunk has influenced my perspective on India and vice

versa. A lot of important Indian history overlaps the Victorian

period. The British East Indian Company transferred rule of what is

now India, Pakistan and part Burma to the crown in 1858 and this

lasted until 1947 when they achieved independence. I’ve read several

first person accounts of this period, some written by Europeans and

some by South Asians. While there were certainly numerous problems and

injustices during the period, it was also a time of discovery,

adventure and progress.”

Steampunk has most certainly spilled over into Chuck and Julianne’s

non-Steampunk lives. After attending a panel at the first Teslacon for

fisticuffs, he decided to take up boxing at MSOE.

“My boxing, somewhat indirectly, led to me learning about Bartitsu.

Bartitsu is an eclectic martial art and self-defense method developed

in England between 1898 and 1902. It is mentioned by Sherlock Holmes

in “The Adventure of the Empty House.” My interest in Bartitisu led to

a general interest in late 19th century fitness activities. I now

train using mostly techniques described in old fitness books including

a lot of body weight work and Indian clubs.”

Indisputably, Julianne and Chuck are model citizens of the midwest

steampunk community, bouncing between Chicago, Madison, and Milwaukee.

We are a very luckily society to have such genuine steampunks who live

the lifestyle with such poise.

Until next time friends,

Bridget Sharon, Anna Rodriguez, Shawn Kerr, and Tim Murphy

September Newsletter

Posted by Anna A Rodriguez on October 22, 2012 at 7:15 PM Comments comments (0)

Good day to the fine members of the Milwaukee Steampunk Society!

Firstly, we’d like to thank you for signing up for our monthly newsletter. Here you will read about upcoming events before they are posted online, read about members of interest, and hear about past events you may have missed! There’s a lot going on in steampunk Milwaukee and we feel it’s important to keep everyone informed.

Upcoming Events:

Deadman’s Carnival First Friday Freak Show at Miramar Theater

September 7, 2012


If you have not yet witnessed a Deadman’s Carnival show, make this Saturday the first. This variety show is the largest and wildest in the Midwest and considered one of Milwaukee’s best hidden treasures. Each month, new entertainers perform so each and every show is fresh and new! Check out this event’s Facebook page for more details.

Steampunk Garb and Prop Day at Lytheria

September 8th, 2012


The fine dwellers of Lytheria host a maker’s day where you can share their tools, know-how, and ideas with other steampunkers. If you find yourself at a loss for ideas for gadgets or other aesthetics to add to your “steamsona”, this is a great place to ask questions about design and creation. This event takes place every second Saturday of the month, from 11:30 to 5pm. The address is 2705 N. Shepard Ave. N, Milwaukee WI, near the UW-Milwaukee campus.

Milwaukee Steampunk Society Meeting at Scottish Masonic Rites Center

September 12, 2012


This monthly meeting is meant for members of our community to hang out and meet new people, as well as gain personal connections to aid projects and businesses. There will be table games, drinks, and food. Everyone is encouraged to dress up but if you do not want to, steampunk dress is not required! For more info, check out the Facebook event page.

Milwaukee Steampunk Book Club, location not yet determined

September 22, 2012


MSS member Boone Dryden will be hosting a steampunk book club. The first book will be “Infernal Devices” by K. W. Jeter, credited for coining the term “steampunk.” Because of the intended intimate discussion, we would like to allow only 10-15 members. If you would like to sign up, contact Mr. Dryden at [email protected] .

Steampunk Invasion: Doors Open MKE

September 23, 2012


Over a hundred historic sites, both architecturally beautiful and full of Milwaukee history, will be open to the public. There will be seven locations steampunks will invade, three on Prospect Avenue, three locations on the east end of downtown, and the final place is located near MSOE and offers drinks and food. For details on these locations, stay tuned for the Facebook event post.

SteamDRUNK Pub Craw, Drink to Nikola Tesla!l

October 20th, 2012

6PM - 11PM

Cover charge: $10

The Milwaukee Steampunk Society is proud to announce their first pub crawl! Five locations in the Fifth Ward have been chosen, which will be announced at a later date. All of the proceeds will go directly to a wild Milwaukee Steampunk Society hotel room party for Teslacon III on that Friday, November 30th. Details will be updated to all MSS social networks to keep members informed.

Steampunk of the Month: Bridget Sharon, founder of the Milwaukee Steampunk Society

As we all may know, Bridget Sharon, founder of Milwaukee Steampunk Society, will be leaving for a year (maybe shorter, perhaps longer) to travel with her new job. In light of this, the MSS newsletter will feature a question and answer session with it’s leader to discuss the steampunk community in Milwaukee. Since the MSS was formed, she has put much of her personal time into building this community to grow together, and if you haven’t already thanked her for it, this may be the right time. While traveling the country, one of Bridget’s goals is to put Milwaukee on the map as a formidable steampunk community. Upon her return, every member of our community can be sure that more exciting ideas and events will come from experiences gained through her travels.


Q: What and when was the moment you decided a formal Milwaukee steampunk group should be formed?

Bridget Sharon: It's hard to say if there was a specific moment that I thought it needed to be formed. I just know so many awesome steampunkers from Milwaukee, but there weren't too many organized events at the time, and I thought we needed a stronger, more familiar community. I can say however, that I volunteered for the job of creating the mss at chuck and Julianne's winter solstice party at the end of last year.

Q: Why is it so important to have an organized Milwaukee group?

Bridget Sharon: I think it's important to have the organized group to keep the community from going stagnant. The benefits of having us all together is what really makes this worthwhile. Things as simple as finding new friendships to net-working to helping steampunk as advance as a whole all come from being a part of a common group.

Q: What does "steampunk" mean to you?

Bridget Sharon: Steampunk to me is a lot of things. It can be an art form or way to express yourself. It can just be another excuse to dress up. For me steaming started out as a fashion, but the more involved I became, I discovered the community and culture aspects of it.

Q: Has organizing a group changed your views on this subculture?

Bridget Sharon: Well, it's definitely changed my views, that's for sure. When I started getting into steampunk, it was more or less just fun costume parties for me. Now I see it as more of a job and lifestyle. I call myself a steampunker not because I dress up or because of how much I like the aesthetic, I call myself that because I can’t ever see myself not being involved in the subculture.

Q: Do you have any plans for the MSS when you return?

Bridget Sharon: It's hard to have plans for the future when I wasn't expecting to have to stop now. I was honestly starting to struggle throughout the summer with the venue troubles and the pressure to keep the society going. With Anna, Shawn, and Tim's help, we were able to get backbone track and even take several leaps in events planned for the future. I'm excited to see everything they're going to accomplish while I'm gone, and I look forward to working with then again when I get back.

Q: Why should new members of the steampunk community join the MSS?

Bridget Sharon: I think everyone should join. Its just a lot of fun. I have friends that aren’t even that interested in steampunk that enjoy coming to our meetings just to hang out with people. For steampunk though, or anyone just interested in the subculture, it's a great way to discover new events, discuss costume ideas, or just generally spend time with people who have similar interests.

Thank you for subscribing to the Milwaukee Steampunk Society newsletter!



Bridget Sharon, Tim Murphy, Shawn Kerr, and Anna Rodriguez

Milwaukee Steampunk Society - Meeting V

Posted by Shawn Kerr on August 22, 2012 at 5:00 PM Comments comments (0)

Hello Everyone! 

The next Milwaukee Steampunk Society meeting is going to be on September 12th at the Humphrey Scottish Masonic Rite Center as the last couple of meetings have been.  We will be hosting games, there will be food and drinks, and as always there will be plenty of people to talk to!  We all look forward to seeing everyone in their Steamiest and having a grande old time. 

Shawn Kerr

Fourth Meeting, New Venue

Posted by Bridget Sharon on June 20, 2012 at 3:45 AM Comments comments (0)

Hello everyone, I have some news about our July meeting. I usually like to have the event page up about a month before our next meeting. And since our meetings are on the first or second Wednesday of the month, that is noo longer possible. I'm currently taking suggestions for a venue (again). If I'm able to find a place soon, then our fourth meeting will take place in late July. It is possible that there may not be a meeting in July, and our next meeting will be in early August. It is not my intention to switch venues for every meeting. I would like to find a venue that will accomodate our meetings every month for an extended period of time. If anyone is interested in looking for venues or has suggestions, feel free to comment on this note or send me a message. I'd love to collaborate with anyone who would like to help. The criteria that I generally look for in a venue are:

■Serves drinks, and possibly food.

■Will let us gather there for free

For this, I mean gathering in a venue that would already be open anyway on the days that we would go there. I would not like to have to start renting out venues and, in turn, begin charging for our meetings. I want to do everything I can to keep our monthly meet-ups free for everyone.

■All ages or 18+.

There are many younger Steampunkers that are excluded from many events due to age restrictions.

■Can accomodate 20-40 people.

Eventually our attendance may increase but for now the venue should be able to hold about 20-40 comfortably

■Fits the Steampunk aesthetic.

Any venue that we choose does not have to fit all of these guidelines, but they are things to watch out for. I'd like to look at this as an opportunity to explore more of Milwaukee's wonderful venues. I should also mention that we do not have to meet on the first or second wednesday of each month, those were just the most convinient days for the previous venues. If you look around for a place, or have a venue in mind, please message me with their number or a link so that I may speak with the owners myself. I'd love to have any and all help that others would like to give but the issues with our previous venues have come from their being a middle-man between myself and the owners and managers.

Thank you for everyone's help and support so far, and don't forget we have the Potluck Picnic coming up this Sunday!

-Bridget Sharon

Third Meeting

Posted by Bridget Sharon on June 7, 2012 at 2:15 AM Comments comments (0)

Thank you to everyone that was able to attend out third meeting! It was great to see everyone again, and to be able to see some new faces. I hope everyone had a wonderful time.

Also, a big thank you to the Humphrey Scottish Rite Masonic Center and the Double Eagle Pub for allowing us to meet in their building! I think the night was an over-all sucess and would like to have our fourth meeting there.

I'll try to have the photos up on the facebook group and on this page soon. And very soon I'll have the page up for our July meeting.

Thank you again for such a great night Steampunkers. See you soon!





Posted by Bridget Sharon on May 15, 2012 at 3:40 AM Comments comments (2)

Good news! We have a new venue! Our third meeting will be held at the Humphrey Scottish Rite Masonic Center, right around the corner from the Whiskey Bar!

The Whiskey Bar was lovely, and perhaps we can hold events there again in the future, but in order to include as many people as possible in the Milwaukee Steampunk Society, I want our events to be 18+, and when possible all ages. In our new venue, our meetings will be 18+. There will be no cover charge, and they serve food. How great is that?

I hope to see you all at our next meeting!


New Website!

Posted by Bridget Sharon on May 15, 2012 at 3:40 AM Comments comments (0)

Hello everyone! I finally got our website up and running! It still needs a lot of work, so please be patient while I work everything out.