The Milwaukee Steampunk Society

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The Milwaukee Steampunk Society was founded in the early spring of 2012 by the ever ambitious Bridget Sharon. Since then, she's strived to set up monthly meetings, collaborate with fellow Steampunks for local invasions of museums, antique shops, and highly publicized events with Art Milwaukee at the August Gallery Night, Made in Milwaukee's Halloween fashion show, and local conventions. The Milwaukee Steampunk Society has hosted a picnic at South Shore Beach, the SteamDRUNK Pub Crawl and the Steampunk Maker's Fair at the historic Pfister Hotel. 

We make appearances at all Dead Man's Carnival shows at the Miramar Theater, as well as the Steampunk Invasions of Bristol Renaissance Faire.

Like a historic Victorian era society, the Milwaukee Steampunk Society hopes to encourage all people involved in said society to collaborate together in projects, occupations, and ideas. Our mission is to network with all steampunk enthusiasts for the betterment of members.

If you would like to volunteer for the MSS and involve your skill set with us, contact us at [email protected]