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January Newsletter

Posted by Anna A Rodriguez on January 3, 2013 at 6:35 PM

Dearest Milwaukee Steampunks,

We hope everyone had safe and enjoyable holidays, as well as a great

start to the new year. The Milwaukee Steampunk Society has a lot of

new and exciting opportunities for members to become more involved in

the local steampunk community. Also, we’d love to encourage more

feedback on how we can serve your needs and concerns. In addition, the

MSS would like to be present at local conventions of all types. If

you’re interested in joining us to represent the steampunk community,

please let us know! You can contact us at [email protected]

for more information.


Milwaukee Steampunk Society Monthly Meeting

Humphrey Scottish Rite Center

Wednesday, January 9th




This is our monthly meeting where you can make connections,

collaborate on projects, and meet our finest and most involved

members. With this meeting specifically, we will be talking about the

higher involvement of current members. If you have a specific skill

set or idea you would like to promote to others, this is the time to

do so! Our community is growing so fast and we need your help. This is

also a meeting where we’d like to commit to “in character” sessions

with members who are looking to develop or utilize your personas. If

you’re uneasy about this, no problem! We understand that it’s a

learning process and we encourage you to join in when comfortable.

As always, food and beverages are available through the Scottish Rite

Center. Please remember to sign in the guest book, as we feel

committed members should be commended.


Steampunk Book Club: Steampunk Short Stories

Brocach Irish Pub

Saturday, January 12th



For the month of January, we will be discussing several short stories

from the "Steampunk" anthology edited by Jeff & Ann VanderMeer. For

the details on which stories we will be reading, visit the Facebook

event page at

This event is hosted by J. Boone Dryden of the Milwaukee Writer’s



January Gallery Night and Reception with Timothy Westbrook

The Pfister Hotel

Friday, January 18th



This will be Timothy Westbrook’s fourth and final gallery night as

the Pfister Hotel’s Artist in Residence. His work as a fashion

designer is heavily influenced by Victorian fashion, and his fusion of

using recycled materials such as cassette tape and found items places

his comfortably in the steampunk genre. His work as a promoter of the

Steampunk Maker’s Fair also places him as an influential friend and

pivotal ally to our Society. Join us to support our wise yet bubbly


If you are unfamiliar with Timothy Westbrook, his is our featured

Steampunk of the Month in this issue of the newsletter! Read more

about him below!


Steampunk Ice Skating

920 N. Water St. Milwaukee, WI 53202

Saturday, February 2nd


Skate Rental:

18 & Up: $8.00/pair

17 & Under: $7.00/pair


Greetings & Happy Holidays! In lieu of the holiday season it seems

only fitting to enjoy the nice brisk Wisconsin weather with some

steamscapades of the ice skating variety. Come show off your moves in

Steampunk attire but be sure to dress warm! Don't like cold weather,

fear of ice, or just need to warm up? Not a problem. The Warming House

contains a Starbucks with warm beverages, tasty bakery treats, and is

just a few feet from the rink!


Red Arrow Park:




The world knows Timothy for his trade, weaving his fabric and

designing beautiful work influenced by Victorian fashion and

completely original designs using found objects. One such piece is a

beautiful wedding dress with woven fabric that incorporates plastic

bags. In Teslacon III’s fashion show, Timothy presented his green and

black Victorian gown that had cassette tape woven into the fabric. The

idea was derived from his grandfather who’s home was bombarded with

hundreds of cassette tapes due to failing eye sight. These are the

types of inspiration that in which Westbrook appreciates.

To the fashion industry, Timothy Westbrook is a visionary. However

with the Milwaukee Steampunk Society, he learned of our existence and

made it his personal mission to ensure our success. The first

encounter with Westbrook was at an Art Milwaukee event at the Pfister

Hotel. He was so excited to meet a small group of our members and

never let go. After getting to know us, he offered us the Pfister

Hotel as a perfect place to plan the largest and debatably our most

successful event, Steampunk Maker’s Fair. Without his skill with

communicating with the Hotel in such a professional way, we may have

never been able to make the contacts necessary to pull off such an

amazing night.

As the resident artist of the Pfister Hotel, his year-long residency

ends this April. If you would like to meet him, he’s usually slaving

over a loom in his creation space, but you can also e-mail him and

introduce yourself. [email protected]

As an aspiring journalist, it is unethical for a writer to interject

opinion, but I feel it is necessary to add that he has been very

supportive of my personal craft, and there isn’t much I can offer him

other than unadulterated adoration for the man. He is selflessly

inspirational and encourages everyone to follow their dreams.


And without further additions, Happy New Year steampunks!

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